I am a printmaker, watercolorist, photographer, and cutter of paper. The prints I make are often pattern-based, and singular, focusing on overlapping, transparent color layers, textural surfaces, and forms. I love to construct shapes, and I think about what they might be. A mountain village, a swimmer? A bird amongst chrysanthemum? As I draw (or cut) these designs I feel the structure between their inner and outer spaces, the balance between graceful and blunt areas, and the textural surface that shows how a shape interacts with its environment.

This series of screenprints layers imagery originally made for my textile designs, as well as imagery made from textural photographs, which include images of string, a knitted sweater, and a desert landscape. Other imagery includes use watercolor washes, brushstrokes, and paper cut-outs, as means to a screen-printed outcome. The designs have been layered, and overlaped on one another multiplying depth, color, and juxtaposing imagery.

All work bellow is screenprinted with high quality ink on heavy weight cotton content paper, a Japanese mulberry paper (22 x 30 inches), or canvas (wall hanging 45 x 120inches). Alder frames are self made. Many have a story attached. These pieces were exhibited at the gallery Palette SF, in the summer of 2019.

Abstract, texture, and pattern based screen-prints.

Photo based graphic, and editioned prints.